2010 Discovery Day Summary- Emily Kyle

Region four Discovery Days started at 9:30 at Ancastor Fairgrounds. We started off the day by registering and decorating our t-shirts that were donated by the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association. Once we were finished our t-shirts we played some games with a parachute including cat and mouse and shark attack. When everybody was ready we sat down and discussed the rules for Discovery Days. After we were finished discussing the rules we got into groups and made up a cheer. There were five teams- red, blue, black, green camouflage, and grey camouflage. I was in the green group. The first station we went to was the judging station. The first thing we had to do was figure out if there was only one cookie left in the world would it be chocolate chip cookie or an Oreo cookie. Then, we judged chocolate chip cookies there were four different kinds chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, double chocolate or freshly baked cookies. They were delicious. Then, we judged hiking boots there was a set of steel-toed boots, some sandals, and two pairs of hiking shoes. We also learned a lot about judging. The second station we went to we learned about the different opportunities and we practiced teamwork skills and cooperation. The third station we went to was a station where we learned a lot about cattle. We got a pair of sunglasses with Vaseline on them to make eyes like cattle we went down a hall into the dark and then following the light. We learned that cow’s follow lighting. We also went outside and pretended that we were grazing and learned that cow’s trample land if there is a big area if it is small they actually graze. We also learned what happens when cattle get bloat by mixing baking soda, grape juice, water, and vinegar together when it turned green it represented a healthy stomach. Then we played duck, duck, goose until the pizza arrived. When the pizza arrived we ate it with our group. The pizza was delicious. The fourth station we went to was Go for the Gold we learned a lot about the different 4-H clubs and life skills. The fifth station we went to was a station were we learned a lot about our scents sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. We learned about different activities for each different scent. We learned a lot about how people can change their lives to adjust to the scents they do not have. That station was very informational. Then we had snack. After we had snack we did farmer’s Olympics and made grass heads. That was my favourite station. Everybody enjoyed Discovery Day’s and had a wild time at Discovery Days for region four.


By: Emily Kyle