2010 Discovery Day Summary- Maggie Kyle

Discovery Day May Saturday May 22 2010 Ancaster Fair Grounds

By: Maggie Kyle

On Saturday May 22 2010 Region 4-H members had the opportunity to attend an opportunity. This opportunity was Discovery Day and it was held at the Ancaster Fairgrounds in Ancaster from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. Everyone that attended this opportunity really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. The day started off by decorating t-shirts that were donated by the sponsor of the day Ontario Cattlemen’s Association. When we were done decorating the t- shirts we played games with a parachute; such as lifeguard, and shark and cat and mouse. Later we split up into five groups- red, grey camouflage, green camouflage, light blue, and black. Our groups went off to different stations. The group I was in was light blue. Before we went to different stations we made up a cheer that we would present to each station leader. Ours was “We’re blue, we’re white, we’re dynamite, we’ve got the fever, we’re hot, we can’t be stopped, we can’t be stopped, we’re enthusiastic, we’re alive and alert! Go Light blue!” The first station we focused on developing our scents. The first activity we did was how many people could fit into a tent; our whole group was able to fit into the tent. Second game we played was to show us how different animals use their scents. We had envision we were human’s in a forest and we were lost, to get out of the forest we had to follow the sunlight. The second time we had to visualize we were raccoons in a city searching for garbage, to do this we had to use our scent. The third time we had to imagine we were bats trying to find our food by sound in the night, to do this we put on blindfolds and listened to our group leader Lesleigh clap her hands and had to walk towards her. This was the hardest scenario out of the three. When we were done that game we played a food chain game. We started out as worms if we beat another player at rock paper scissors, we would move up the food chain to a fish, where we again tried to beat a player if we won move up to a raccoon, if we lost move back down to a worm. At the top of the food chain was a bear. When we were these animals we had to act out actions that they made. Thank you to our station leaders Julia and Andrea Smith. Our second station was teaching us about judging and developing our judging skills. The first activity we did was “If there was only one cookie left would you pick Oreo or chocolate chip and why?” The majority of the group chose chocolate chip. The first class we judged was chocolate chip cookies. We got to sample four different chocolate chip cookies then we judged them as a group and talked about the pros and cons of each cookie and how to place them if we were judging the class. We judged the class based on appearance, texture, and taste. The second class we judged was shoes to wear while hiking. This class included a pair of steel-toed work boots, sandals, and two pairs of running shoes. This class was judged based on traction, support, and comfort. We once again discussed how we would like to judge the class and why. Thank you to John Drummond for helping out at this station. The third and final station we went to before lunch was another game station. At this station we communicated without making any noise. First thing we did was learn about opportunities our age group can attend including Discovery Day, Youth Adventure Camp, Communications Competition, and the Amber Underwood Memorial News Competition. The first activity we did was getting in order of age by month and day without talking. The second activity was everyone either an animal or an animal sound. We had to ask yes or no questions to find out what was tapped to our back when we figured it out, the animal found noise it made or the noise found the animal it belonged to. The final game we played before lunch was we had to imagine we were animals in the land of the watermelon trying to cross a river to the land of the strawberries. To do this we would have to form a tic-tac-toe line to the other side. Each team would try to act out an animal and the other team would guess what it was acting out. If they guessed right they would get a person on a square, if they guess wrong the other team would get a person on the square. We left the station and played duck duck goose with the other groups until the pizza arrived. We sand the 4-H grace. When the pizza arrived we sat down with our groups to eat it. The pizza was delicious. After lunch we went back to the activities. The first station the light blue group went to was beef cow chyme station. At this station we mixed water with flour and added grape juice for colouring to represent a cow’s stomach that has too much acid. Everyone added a baking soda and water solution to the cow’s stomach. The stomach fizzed over and turned green representing a healthy stomach. We also put on sunglasses that had Vaseline on them that repreasented what it is like to look out cow’s eyes.